"Inspirations in the Last Days"

Come Out of her, My People

That you be not partakers of her sins

And that you receive not of her plagues. 

Revelation 18:4

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Powerful Statements and Promises in Scripture 


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There are many individuals, groups and organizations telling you what the Bible says. Some have been around a very long time, and a few have very good sales pitches, especially when disasters strike.

If you want to know the Truth, search for yourself.

The Spirit of the Creator God will Guide you into all Truth, and show you things to come if you are serious about living the Truth in your daily life.

God knows exactly what is going on inside you. That is one of the greatest benefits of all if you are truly sincere about knowing and living Eternal Truth. Why? Because God only has your best and Eternal Interests at heart.

Christ Jesus created you for Eternal Reasons. He made it possible for you to have the opportunity for Everlasting Life. Do not shortchange yourself and live only for this very temporary world as we presently know it.

You can not play games with God and expect Him to play along with you. Eternal Life is not a game. Be real, and God will show you His Way Home.

Word Studies:

 The Bible explains the Bible. If you want to understand what is going on with yourself; with the world around you; in the Spiritual realm and with God; it will take time to learn like anything else you want to understand. One thing you need to be aware of:

If there are areas in your life you are not willing to turn over to God, you will not be able to grasp on to what the Bible says about those areas. Why? Because you are already filled up with your own ways and conclusions when it comes to those areas. Therefore, God has no room to give you true and honest insight in those areas.

If you choose to let go, and learn the best ways to live in those areas of your life; He will guide and direct you, and reveal things that will make your life much easier to live with.

Following will be a list of words found in Scripture. Click on any one of them, and see what God has to say about it.

The King James Bible is used because it is the most accurate; not like the designer Bibles that are scattering everywhere.

Words and phrases will be added soon...

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During the summer of 2015, we will find out together what the Bible says about: Christ in you; the hope of glory. And what that means to you as an individual.  



My burden is light.

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